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a very impressive plant for all seasons!

Bonsai care is a hobby that is widespread around the world. It takes patience, dedication and some basic rules. So years ago we started to deal with bonsai, initially as a hobby and due to our love for it, we decided to deal with that professionally.

Every day in our laboratory, with love, passion and dedication we deal with the care of Bonsai, as well as, the trade of pots and related items.

Knowing that the choice of the pot in which a Bonsai will be kept is important, we are constantly looking for and offering you unique pieces of bonsai pots that are definitely a piece of jewel for your home and garden.

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In our store you can find Japanese, Chinese and flower pots from all over the world made with passion and attention to even the smallest detail. Eccentric, elegant, rare, simple and generally flower pots for all tastes.

At the same time, we have bonsai tables, vases, scrolls and many more products. 

Our products are shipped worldwide, while information on shipping costs and delivery times can be found in the description box of each product.

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It is very important to choose the right pot, the right composition and amount of soil, as well as, the shape and size of the Bonsai we want to grow.


White porcelain pots are preferred for ornamental plants, to better display their green leaves and the striking colors of their flowers.


For upright trees, shallow, rectangular or oval pots are preferred.


For trees that tilt or hang their branches, square or round, deep pots are preferred, so as to emphasize the impression of steep cliffs.

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