Tanabe handmade long handled bonsai scissors 78.7″ (200 cm)


Handmade long scissors

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TANABE TOOLS(est 1933)
We proudly present these highest quality Japanese tools.
After 80 years the Tanabe factory chose our company (www.bonsai-pots) to export their tools
Highly appreciated among profesionals and enthousiasts, these tools will be your companion for many years
Suitable for triming, the handle line is smaller and longer than other Bonsai scissors.
It is easy to insert the blade into complicated branches.
These scissors are hammered by hand using traditional techniques passed on for generations.
Each pair of scissors are unique and one of a kind because of temperature differences and hammering variations during production.
Size 78.7″(200 cm)
Worldwide shipping from Japan by Fedex/DHL (2-3 weeks)
It can be shipped by surface mail (3 months) Ask for new PnP
All tools come directly from the factory and CANNOT BE COMBINED with other items. 
Tools CAN be combined only with other tools. Ask for combined PnP
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